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Next Launcher is a game launching organiser, which revolutionises the way you manage your ZX Spectrum Next games collection. Now with 3,000 editable game slots, Internet integration, & a host of features with a fully customisable front end. As a result of feedback, this version is now a fast Lite distribution, with the previous features and media (music, wallpaper etc.) available as optional extra downloads. Next Launcher is the ultimate menu tool for the Spectrum Next. Help and Support with Launcher products available from our Facebook group too!!

Charity aware

This software has been developed over many hours and available for you as a unrestricted download for you for FREE. If you intend to use this Software, we ask you to consider a donation of your choosing to our Cancer Research Fundraiser for vital research. It is for the greater good, for everyone. 1 in 3 of us will get cancer in our lifetime, your donation will help to beat it. Your Donation, however small, to Cancer Research via this link is my inspiration to develop great Spectrum software for you - while keeping our retro community healthy as we grow old. PLEASE VISIT We raised 1,000 pounds in 2023.. Every little bit helps!

New Features

* Re-order page: New function to rearrange current page entries for both files and links.
* Updated Key map: Now with a more logical layout, & updated manual
* Quit Launcher faster: Changed function "Shift Q" to quite from any page
* Improved navigation: Quick page 20>1 or 1>20 with curser keys
* Game configuration changer: Changed function which now replicates Next browser
with "Symbol Shift+Enter" to alter settings for 48K/128K games
* Compliant: Compatible with v2.08 and "v2.09 Next OS ready"
* Enhanced database search: "Shift S", Finds pre-saved stuff quickly
* Track usage: Menu now shows space remaining on SD
* Online game 2 game slot: Search and import from the web!
* Extended gaming banks: From 5 to 10: 3,000 assignable slots!
* Faster game entry: Auto complete as standard!
* Improved visuals: Use SCR or BMP files for boot screens
* Faster boot up: Hold down any key for fast track start or disable boot
* LIVE Ticker News feed: Improved at a key press, without interruptions
* Installation: Improved setup & settings
* ZX Retro Wireless/Game loading mouse ready
* Check-up Tool: Useful tool when reporting Launcher issues
* Optimizer: To defrag Launcher files within Launcher.

Key Features

* Organise games, tools and documents with ease. Says goodbye to a disorganised SD card
* Assign games in the menu slots by browsing the SD Card or now download directly online. ** Configured and working Wi-Fi card required.
* Organise your menus how you want them
** Categorise your games, applications, utilities or documents whatever the format.
* Customisable ** From wallpapers, boot screens and colour schemes with a choice of colour palettes
 with more available to download, or add your own.
* Launcher hardware products support **such as the Game loading Mouse & ZX Retro Wireless. Load Tape games with the new retro way!
* Direct online Launcher updates ** Stay up-to-date with the latest features and bug fixes.
* Improved News ticker ** Get the latest Next News and updates on Launcher.
* Flexible game management ** Move games & menus and create quick links between banks and menus
* Music Xtream downloader PT3 player
 ** Creates background music for your Launcher experience pick from thousands of PT3 tunes online, easy from the settings menu
* Enable/Disable Launcher on boot ** Choose to have Launcher starts on boot or select from the Next Browser menu.
* Clear instruction guide  ** Updated Launcher User manual, featuring a Q&A section and Key Map to get you gaming with ease

Next Launcher Ultimate Online Edition

Plug-in Extras

Launcher Ultimate Wallpaper/Boot screen Pack (337 usable pictures) Download HERE
Unzip the folders in the Launcher\Wallpaper directory after you installed or upgraded Launcher. Be sure to read
the ReadMe1st file within the Zip, this will explain how best to use them along with terms of use policy

More information on our Facebook page


As Launcher projects have grown so has the team who have contributed to the success of the projects I created.  I want to acknowledge the exceptional people who have given up their free
time (past and present) and influenced or been part of the software and hardware projects that have come about. My heartfelt thanks to you all....

The Current Team

Richard Szerman - Designer
Allan Johnstone - Facebook admin, beta testing, hardware builder and documentation
Michael Markowski - Facebook moderator
Alan Robinson - Beta tester
Dean Woodyatt - PCB designer
Justin Smith - Beta tester
Jarda Novotnej - Graphics specialist

Past Team Members

Dave Sonic Clarke
- Web coding, hosting back end
Bret Pritchard -  Beta tester, and video demos
Matthew Preston - Beta tester
Nick O'Carroll - Retro Musician
Dave Flynn - Beta tester

Assisting with features:

Remy Sharp
HTTP Internet device driver & API back-end to for the game downloads.
Miroslav Bursa (Shrek/MB Maniax)
WC WIFI card config driver
Tape2Tap & NextServer
Damien Guard
Font designs
David Saphier
Use of PT3 & fsize device drivers
Ilya Nikishin (Caliph)
"Classic World2" music
Hirac Kasapoglu
ZX Spectrum Gamer app - Implementing multi speed support for ZX Retro Wireless/Game loading mouse
Goran Devic, Baltazr Studios
PlayZx app - Implementing multi speed support for ZX Retro Wireless/Game loading mouse
Anriy S'omak
ZX Tape Player app - ZXTunes com - PT3 Specy archive
Sean Malseed
68k News - Multi-regional news back end for Next News Headlines

Inspiring me to up my game:

Matt Langley
Robin Verhagen-Guest
Paul Land
Crash Magazine